SS20.12 - Wattage:20W

Item: LED Street Light

Power: 10 Watts

Battery: 9 Ah

Dimensions: 340*240*25 mm (L*W*H)

Assembly: Aluminum alloy body, prevent bask in rain

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Delta Solar LED Street Light features simple installation, no wiring, low construction cost. They can be used where there is no electricity. Very energy efficient, converted directly into electricity through sunlight. Long service life and strong light efficiency. No electricity bills are required, and operating and maintenance costs are low. Solar lamps are environmentally friendly, non-polluting and non-radioactive. The DC voltage used by solar lights is 12V~36V, which is very safe and will not cause electric shock or fire. Solar luminaires are automatically controlled and do not require personnel management, saving management costs. Intelligent light control sensor, charging during the day and lighting at night.


Power: 20 Watts

Battery: 13.5 Ah

Dimensions: 400*360*25 mm (L*W*H)

Protection rating : IP65

  • Solar battery charging,zero charge
  • Easy installation, without wires
  • The LED, the green and energy saving
  • High quality batteries, long service life,
  • Aluminum alloy body, prevent bask in rain
  • Time switch,Human body induction,Intelligent light control,Wireless remote control



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