ERFTL28-LED - 230V/60Hz 28 LED Dimmable Foldable Table Lamp

Led Emergency Flash Light

Operating Voltage: 90-240V AC 60Hz

Lamp: 28 Leds

Charging Time: <12 Hours

Usage low dim up to 10 Hours

Full bright up to 3 hours

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Delta Rechargeable LED Emergency  Table Lights are design to give bright light on a certain dark area. It is the frequent back up light in cases of power failure.
Item: Led Emergency Flash Light
Material: ABS material
Dimensions: box size 87*67*167 mm. (L* W*H)
Weight: 388 gms.
Features: Dual Function, High/Low.
Operating Voltage 90-240V AC 60Hz
Lamp 28 Leds
Battery Type 3.6V 1100mAh Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Charging Time <12 Hours
Usage Duration 3/8 Hours


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