• Solar LED Motion Sensor Wall Lamp
  • Solar Panel: Poly-crystalline
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 18650 3.7V/1800mAH
  • LED: SMD 2835 15Pcs
  • Luminous Flux:  Dim Light > 10lm, Bright light>90lm


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Product Specification

Delta’s Solar LED Motion Sensor Wall Lamp is a very economical device. These solar-powered outdoor lamps do not need to plug-in to power supply; the main source of its energy is the energy from sun that is converted to electricity using solar panel. It has a built-in light sensor that will automatically turn on the device at night and motion sensor to limit the light brightness to save energy to prolong its working duration.



High Quality ABS Plastic


Ideal for decoration walls and garden lighting.


Solar Panel Polycrystalline
Battery Lithium Ion 18650 3.7V/1800mAH
LED SMD 2835 15Pcs
Luminous Flux Dim Light > 10lm, Bright light>90lm
Solar charging time 8 hrs
Sensing Distance 4 m (diameter )
LED life span 50,000hrs
Ingress Protection IP65
Sensor Type Light and Microwave Motion Sensor
Bright Light Duration 7secs (from last motion detected)
Shipping Weight 320 g


Product Dimension

Operation Instructions:

  1. Unlock and activate the device: The internal battery is locked from factory for safety shipment. Have to push the button Switch ON to activate the device.
  2. Charging from solar panel: Please install the device where the solar panel can receive the sunlight directly without any shelter and cover or glass. It can be fully charge in 8 hrs under ideal bright light.
  3. Night Sensor Function: It will auto turn-on dim light when in darkness enough places or at night, and auto turn off when in brightness enough place or daylight.
  4. Dim light  function: In order to save battery power; it will auto turn on Dim Light when no motion in diameter of 4 meter.
  5. Bright light function: When people walk around 4 meter near the light, it will turn on bright light.

Product Included

  1. Solar microwave LED light
  2. Product Instruction
  3. Hanging wall plate
  4. Expansion pillar-hinge
  5. Screw


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