• Input Voltage: 230V AC
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Tube Power: 2 x 30 W
  • UV Peak Wavelength: 253.7 nm
  • Irradiation Intensity: 107 μW/sqcm
  • Light Arm Adjustment Angle: 0° ~ 180°
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Product Specification:

The company’s ultraviolet disinfection vehicle is a foldable lamp arm mobile, consisting of lamp arm mobile, lamp arm adjustment handle, timer and rack. It contains two 30W ultraviolet germicidal lamps.  UV germicidal lamp for work, medical institution, food establishment, and other establishment for air and object sterilization, kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Technical Parameters

Model DEQY-A
Irradiation Intensity 107 μW/sqcm
Input Voltage 230V AC
Frequency 60 Hz
Tube Power 2 x 30 W
UV Peak Wavelength 253.7 nm
Ambient Temperature 5°C ~ 40°C
Remote Control Range Above 50 meters without obstruction
Atmospheric Pressure 86Kpa ~ 106Kpa
Light Arm Adjustment Angle 0° ~ 180°
Safety Classification Class I Type B general equipment
Fuse Specification 5 x 20 mm (2A)

Note: The Ultraviolet germicidal lamp tube of the disinfection vehicle should have good starting characteristic, fully start and keep lit within 10 seconds under 230 V power supply.

Usage Time

Time 1 Lamp Tube 2 Lamp Tubes
15 mins 20 sqm 30 sqm
30 mins 30 sqm 50 sqm
60 mins 35 sqm 60 sqm
90 mins 40 sqm 65 sqm
120 mins 45 sqm 70 sqm


Method of Usage

  1. Install the base with body.
  2. Open the protection door.
  3. Lift the lamp arm and adjust from 0°~180° degrees.
  4. Insert the plug and press ‘ON’ button, adjust 0-120mins using timer switch (depends on area size).
  5. Press the “On/Off” button and leave the room. Note: Use Proper Protective Equipment (PPE) when using manual operation.
  6. After finishing sterilization it will automatically cut-off power supply.

Using Remote Control Timer

  1. Adjust timer switch to ‘zero’.
  2. Press the desire time from the remote control to turn-on (Automatically cut-off power supply after finishing sterilization).
  3. Hold up the ‘adjustable button’ to adjust lamp arm to the box.
  4. Close the protection door.
  5. Unplug the power plug.


  • The timer has a normally open and timing function, and can be arbitrary set within 0~120 min. The timer automatically cut-off the power after the work is completed, and it is strictly prohibited to use it in the opposite direction.
  • The surface of the germicidal lamp should be kept clean; otherwise it will affect the germicidal effect. Ultraviolet rays are destructive to organic cells. If human skin and eyes are exposed to ultra violet rays for a long time, they can cause burns. Therefore, people should leave the room or wear protective equipment when using them.
  • To ensure user safety, the power outlet used must be reliably grounded to prevent electric shock. Turn-off switch after use and unplug the power plug.
  • If the fuse is burnt out, after the power supply is unplugged, a professional technician will use a screwdriver to unscrew it and replace the fuse with the same model.
  • Remove flammable gas and liquid

Packing and Shipping

Each sterilizing truck is sealed in plastic bag and packed in an outer box, and is accompanied by a certificate of inspection and an instruction manual. The inside of the box is foamed to prevent collision damage during transportation. Transportation can be carried by ordinary means of transportation, rain and violent collision should be avoided during transportation.

No. Part Name Qty.
1. Vehicle body 1
2. Holder 1 set
3. Instruction Manual 1
4. Quality Certificate 1
5. Screw 1 set
6. Fuse 2


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