• Rechargeable LED PIR Night Light
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 103450 3.7V/1800mAH
  • LED: SMD 2835 6Pcs
  • Charger: USB 5v DC
  • Charging Time: 4-5 hrs
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Product Specification

Delta’s Rechargeable LED PIR Night Light is a unique wall lamp because of its passive infrared sensor and light sensing device. It wills automatically turn-on when there is no light and turn-off when it’s not sense motion/movement. The battery charge will last up to 45-60 days when in sensor mode and 5hrs for flashlight mode.



High Quality ABS Plastic


Decorative Wall Lamp


Model DEI-01
Battery Lithium Ion 103450 3.7V/1800mAH
LED SMD 2835 6Pcs
Luminous Flux Flash Light > 100lm, PIR Night Light>38 lm
Charging Time 4-5 hrs
Sensing Distance 4 m (diameter )
LED life span 50,000hrs
Charger USB 5v DC
Sensor Type Light and PIR Motion Sensor
Light Delay (when sense motion) 15 secs
Shipping Weight 116 g


Product Dimension

Installation Guide:

  1. Tear-off the paper of 3M that is behind on the plate
  2. Paste the plate on the wall (hook should be up)
  3. Hang the lamp on the hook
  4. Turn the lamp head which angle you needed to light.


  1. Lumen will be down along with the battery capacity reduction. When the light is dark, please charge the device
  2. When select PIR night light function, device will light ON 2-3 secs for prompting.
  3. Light control of PIR night light function : Device could be worked in dark enough.
  4. PIR sensor of PIR Night Light  function:
    1. Induction Principle: Thermal motion induction. Any heat object moving is possible to make the device to light ON, even the hot wind blew.
    2. Sensing angle and distance: Sensing angle 120°, cross range 2-3 meters radii range 2 meters, on the  condition the working temperature is 25°C. The higher the temperature, the shorter the sensing distance.


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