About Delta Lighting

The Beginning

It all began 40 years ago when DELTA Lighting decided to offer simple alternative solutions to the lighting industry. . The product to be designed and manufactured should be Safe, Efficient, Economical and Durable that could make impact on the peoples’ mind.  That is when the time SEED Design Technology was conceived from our small engineering laboratory in Philippines.


All products should pass relevant standards on safety and performance


Product should be improved, highly efficient and perform well compared to others


Savings on continuous performance and price differentiation should benefit end users


All products must perform up to its expected life and should have longer design cycle

The Product

The first product that comes out from our laboratory is an Electromagnetic (EM) Ballast for Fluorescent Lamp with SEED Design Technology. All EM Ballast with SEED Technology are manufactured to the highest standard and uses only high-grade silicon (electrical) steel materials for the cores, temperature index magnet wires for the coils, vacuum impregnation coating process for the insulation and good manufacturing practice on the production line.

Since then, SEED Design Technology set the precedent to all products developed and manufactured by the company and most of them can be found inside our catalogue.

Our Philiosopy

The guiding principle behind Delta Lighting are structured on the four pillars of SQQC which means Service, Quality, Quantity and Cost.

Service being in the forefront of our principle is define as practicing and giving excellent services on every storage of our production process, on our employees and staffs, on our customer and various stakeholders our shareholder and our community.

Quality as defined by the company to produce a product designed and manufactured to the highest standards exceeding customers’ expectation.

Quantity is the goal we wanted to achieve by increasing our productivity, eliminating defects, shorten production lead-time and prompt delivery.

Cost is our driving force to become competitive in the market by implementing fair pricing scheme to all product range.